Impact Trips

Take a Mission Trip to Haiti

Taking a mission trip to Haiti is often a life-changing experience!  The people that Starfish ministers to are always blessed by mission teams. The team members also end up reaping as much benefit from the experience as those they go to serve. You’ll experience a different culture and connect with the beautiful people of Haiti. We welcome teams that are ready to work hard and come alongside us to serve and share the love of Jesus with the Haitian people!

The Starfish school is located in Gonaives, about 3 hrs. north of the capital Port-au-Prince airport. Some of the things you will see on our community include Starfish school k-12th, the Eglise Evangelic Etoile Des Gonaives, (Evangelical Starfish Church of Gonaives), Etoile Clinic (Starfish school clinic) various trade programs, and sport programs and more.

Anytime your group travels off-campus, you will have a translator with you as well as some other staff members.

The cost of the flight will vary with your location and the time of your trip. Teams need to do their own bookings.  In addition, your stay with MSH per person will be: $500 in-country (covers food, housing, security and translators, transportation:

Visitors can also stay at a nearby resort on their last day (Additional cost)

**Funds need to be sent as a deposit ONE MONTH PRIOR to traveling. Non-Refundable!!

In addition, to help MSH be sustainable, we ask that each individual or group seek to raise funds for their designated project while in Haiti. Also donation will be used to help fund projects, pay staff, buy supplies, or to meet other MSH needs.

Please emails us for a full trip packet: